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Friday, 25 August 2017

Being Current Is The Currency Of Life, Take Charge Today...

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Fear not because this investment does not involve money but it is advisable you acts now and later ask before it is too late because the world has gone digital...

Invest in you and your family futures by claiming your free Digital Currency called Kringle 

Follow The Steps Below;

Step 1: Click on link https://thebillioncoin.com to register on TheBillionCoin (TBC) website

Step 2: Go to the email address you used and check either your inbox, spam or junk mail to activate your registration.

Step 3: Click on link https://tbc004.net to register for a wallet (make sure you use the same email you used above for TBC

Step 4: Repeat step 2 by going to the email address to check your inbox, spam or junk mail

to activate your second registration

Step 5: After creating and confirming your registrations by activating your login on the above two websites, you can now go ahead to claim your free 50,000 Kringles by clicking on http://kringle.cash/?link=pejulord to register

Step 6: Go to the email address you used and check your inbox, spam or junk mail to activate your registration

Step 7: Login to your wallet to confirm your 50,000 Kringle, either in euros or dollars. Bear in mind this currency appreciate daily.

Step 8: Make sure you keep your wallet address safe as you are only entitle to it. You alone should have access to your wallet to avoid fraudsters.

Step 9: You can choose to buy more kringles if you feel like it as the price increases daily due to its worth. However it is advisable to get some more for future purpose.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your free 50,000 kringles will appear in your wallet.

Please take note that our only official social media channels are as follows:

Website: tbcpolice.org

Click link for more information https://wittyxchange.com


At 1% the value of your money will double every 71 days

At 2% it doubles every 36 days

At 3% it doubles every 25 days

At 4% it doubles every 19 days and

At 5% it doubles every 15 days

The Foundation of the crypto-currency called THEBILLIONCOIN is the TBC Membership Agreement! The creators of THEBILLIONCOIN have worked very hard to structure a crypto-currency that creates wealth for ALL of its Users until it matures to the point where each TBC coin will be worth One-Billion-Euros per TBC coin. Each of you has a vested interest in protecting your TBC coins and the whole TBC community, especially the TBC Foundation!

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