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Monday, 3 April 2017

The "I Don't Care Attitude" In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

by Egbeolowo Olaitan
The recent detention of 11 students of the University of Lagos in kirikiri by a Lagos state Mobile court is the height of immaturity and irresponsibility on the part of the Judicial System. I think it is 'hightime' we sued the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) for fabrication of false charges...

One would agree with me that most of the Universities we have in Nigeria are not suppose to be called 'Tertiary' not to talk of Institution. The Game of Victimization in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions has become a Nightmare on various campuses across the length and breadth of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The heat, pressure and retraction in Nigerian Institutions calls for extreme psychological evaluation. We are living as if we are in a state of 'Anarchy'. The oppressors are getting stronger everyday, They are living without fear, they are walking the streets freely without fear, and yet, the reverse is the case to the common man on the streets. Nigeria is a predatory society where you do the right thing and be punished for it. Lolz! The education sector is decaying everyday. Welfarism we no see, security we no see; all we could get from these monsters is the threat of Expulsion and Detention. Yet, Section 14(2)b, Section 39 and Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution talks about the following: 

The welfarism and security of the people.
Freedom of expression
Freedom to Assemble freely. 

I think these people need to be assessed psychologically because it is only an insane person that do things without knowing the implication(s).

Upon all the professors, Doctors, MSC Holders, Judges and Human Right Activists; to what extent are they relevant in the society? The Yoruba's would say 'Ki Omo Eni Ku O San Ju Ki Omo Eni Nu Lo"

Those that claims to be human right activists are pretending as if they don't know what is going on in the educational Sector. The likes of Femi Falana, Wole Soyinka and Co are not doing anything at all to show they are still active in the struggle for Justice. All I know is that Femi Falana is always ready to speak for his kinsmen like Magu, because of money and political post. Tomorrow, they will be the ones to speak on social media, campaigning for their friends because of what they will get in return.

The Egocentricity of a Yoruba man would not permit them to participate in the struggle of Nigerian Students that is characterized by Victimization, Oppression and Molestation. They are always interested in the Senate News. 

The last time I wrote an article with a friend of mine, titled " Nigerian Senate; An Avenue for Wealth Allocation And Stomach Infrastructure. Hardly had I finished the article when the whole statement of mine started receiving commendation. 

Now, the corridor of common sense which is Education, is in shambles. Could he be that Awolowo has trained the Wrong set of people?

If these people claims to be the managers of our tertiary institutions, what are they managing with all the problems in the sector? 
Without mincing words, I must bring myself to admit to the fact that these people are just there managing their pockets, buying new cars, building fine houses, and the reverse is the case to those they are suppose to manage(Nigerian Students)

May be it is high time I directed this common sense question to all the authorities at the tertiary level in Nigeria. Without collecting money from us, in what way are they going to receive their salaries? 

We are paying the necessary and irrelevant fees. Yet, we are still the victims of their inhumane, cruel and callous policies. Just like Karl Marx and Engels opinion(s) on how the working class(proletariats) are producing the services but lack the will to live up to the work they are into. 

They might be the owner of the school, the management of the school, the mouthpiece of the school but we the students are the glory, pride and future of the school. This is one of the reasons why i love the theory of 'Marxism' but the bourgeoisies are its enemy because of class struggle, which is affecting almost all the sectors in Nigeria. 

The Yoruba's would say 'ALAGBARA TI POJU'
Well, all is well if not in the WELL......

- Egbeolowo Olaitan 
is a Prominent member of Ansa (Alliance Of Nigerian Students Against Neo- Liberal Attacks).
A Writer, Marxist, Editor and Orator.

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