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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Desmond Elliot Shares Lessons Learnt From #BBNaija

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As shared by the Nollywood actor turned politician...

Just a few lessons I believe we as a nation, a people can learn from:

1) We are all different in thoughts, actions and behavior but unique in many ways. Just as they tolerated one another we also should learn to do same.

2) If we put in half as much interest and energy that we did in #bigbrothernaija2017, into those we elect into public offices (including yours truly) Naija would be a much better place being governed by our people of choice.

3) Nigerians are not as illiterate as we Potrait ourselves to be, obvious the masses vote for EFE , many flew out of the country to witness his "coronation " and KNEW EXACTLY what they wanted and they GOT IT

4) It pays to always be your self...at all times, never let "them" turn you to who you not .. bottom line if you can't influence them .. don't join them !!!

Congratulations to Efe, may God grant you the wisdom to manage this...all of these so you come out tops in all your endeavors. Amen.. I sign out.

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