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Saturday, 11 March 2017

President Buhari Lands In Kaduna, Ferried To Abuja In A Presidential Chopper

President Buhari plane 5N-FGT, a wide body presidential Boeing Business Jet landed at exactly 7:41 am Nigerian time. The President who was wearing a black kaftan alighted from the plane to greet Kaduna state officials and armed forces personnel who had been waiting for his arrival; he later boarded a presidential helicopter that took off to the federal capital territory seat of power in Abuja.
Our sources in Kaduna said the President didn’t appear healthy at all.
The president left Nigeria on January 19 for a 10-day vacation, but that was extended indefinitely when he sent a letter to the National Assembly asking for more time.
We have reported on the nature of the president’s illness and the struggle within
the president’s inner cycle to get back into the country despite medical advice against a quick return.

Aso Rock insiders have been worried that the longer the president remained out of the country, the greater the rumors about his closely-guarded condition.

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