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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria Condemns Buhari Administration

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has taken a swipe at the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, condemning thehis management of critical and salient affairs in the country.
In his speech delivered to PFN members, Bishop Sola Ore, chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of PFN, said that Mr. Buhari took advantage of the dire situation in the country to become the president. Since assuming office, the bishop said, Mr. Buhari has performed below the expectations of the populace and has failed to resolve the many crises afflicting the country.
Bishop Sola further stated that the president’s anti-corruption war is selective in its targets,
adding that he should look to his cabinet and purge those found guilty of corruption.
“We call on the president to make the anti-corruption war objective and fair to all. All allegations of corruption leveled against some serving officials should not be swept under the carpet; certainly not only members of the opposition party are corrupt. Many of the notable politicians who found themselves in the ruling party who had cases of corruption on their necks have surprisingly been decorated with garments of righteousness,” he said.
Questioning the silence of the president on killings in the country, especially in the northern regions, the PFN decried that no one has been held culpable, alleging that the president knows who is responsible for the attacks.
Commenting on Apostle Suleiman’s call for Christians to defend themselves, the association posited that the killing of Christians should not be tolerated and called on all Christians to defend themselves against anyone who poses a threat to their existence.
“We will not allow the continuous decimation of the Christian population. Nigerian Christians have suffered too much. We have been killed, brutalized and we are demanding our basic rights from the president,” the bishop said.
Bishop Sola concluded by condemning the president’s failure to upgrade the standards of hospitals in the country. He enquired to know what the fate of the poor masses that have no money to travel out of the country for medical treatment should be. 
“We pray and wish Mr. President sound health, but it is important for him to realize that many Nigerians are dying in our hospitals due to the parlous state of our health institutions and they are not privileged like him to seek health care,” he said, referring to Mr. Buhari’s current medical leave in London.

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