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Friday, 20 January 2017

Photos: Ghanaian Refugee To Lose Fingers And Toe After 7-Hour Trek To Cross US Border

A Ghanaian refugee who almost lost his life during a long trek to cross the U.S - Canada border into Manitoba will lose all of his fingers, a toe and possibly his arms due to frostbite.

According to Razz Online, Seidu Mohammed fled Ghana for the United States in 2015 because he feared for his life due to his sexual orientation, but when he arrived in San Diego, he was detained for a year.

He applied for asylum after his visa ran out but a judge denied his request.

Seidu and another Ghanaian man, whom he met in Minneapolis, decided to flee to Canada.

The two of them took a bus to Grand Forks, then flagged a cab and spent $400 for a ride to a spot near the U.S.-Canada border on Dec. 24.
For at least seven hours, the two trekked through snowy fields with the temperature hovering around the –18 C mark to finally cross the border.

Luckily for the two, a truck driver came to their rescue and called 911 to get medical help for the men who were disoriented and cold. 

They’ve both been in hospital recovering in a specialised burn ward of Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre since the trucker got them help.
Despite been told he is going to lose a toe and his fingers after he was frostbitten, an excited Mohammad said it’s a price he’s willing to pay for freedom and a better life.
‘The journey was worth it. I’m happy I’m here. To go back, I lose my life,’ he said.

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