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Monday, 9 January 2017

EXPOSED: Photos Of Madam Diezani's Multi-Billion Estate

I just wonder how people we elect or appoint into political office suddenly start thinking that they are the wisest and better than everyone of us, only them know how to enjoy life and the money that should have been used to develop Nigeria for the good of all, they will convert it to their private enjoyment, with IMPUNITY.
It was discovered by operatives of the anti-graft agency in the course of their investigation of public funds allegedly stolen by Madam Diezani.

The investigators conducted a search on some of the houses on the estate.

Acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu has already left Nigeria for London in connection with the investigation of the ex-minister and some upscale properties traced to her at home and abroad.

About five bank chiefs are likely to face trial over the $153m allegedly withdrawn by the ex-minister from the accounts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation( NNPC) in December 2014.
The Nation gathered that the EFCC team, acting on intelligence, uncovered the sprawling estate that is coded as BGIS/OK/02/16/310.

It is located on Diepreye Alamieyeseigha Street, off Goodluck Jonathan Road in Yenagoa, Bayelsa.

A source familiar with the investigation said: 
“Following our obtaining a court order to recover some assets belonging to Diezani, we were able to gather intelligence which led to the location of the hidden estate in question in Bayelsa State.
“Our operatives also conducted searches in some houses on the estate based on tip off on the ex-minister.

“We will follow due process in invoking the relevant laws on asset forfeiture on all the mansions in the estate.”

When will this heartless looting end in Nigeria?

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