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Monday, 30 January 2017

Acting President Osinbajo Will Always Defend Rule of Law, Protect All Nigerians

This was sent to media house from Vice President President Yemi Osinbajo:
The Acting President has always acted to defend the rule of law and course of Justice. He is firmly committed to the best standards of governance that primes and values the life of every Nigerian, regardless of religion or ethnicity. As far as he is concerned, ALL Nigerians are equal and loved by God, and does not discriminate on the basis of religion.

Alongside the President, Prof. Osinbajo is unwavering in ensuring that anyone who violates the law, should and must be made to face the full extent of the law. He has spoken out publicly on the inherent weaknesses in the nation's Criminal Justice System, and is working assiduously within government to bring the reforms necessary, including the option of community policing.

The current limitations of the criminal justice system however affects virtually every kind of crime, including the example of high profile murders of the past, many of which remain unsolved.

This administration will continue to defend and protect the lives of all Nigerian citizens. It's the reason the President gave firms instructions to security agencies-military and police to send reinforcements to Southern Kaduna to enforce the peace. The Southern Kaduna crisis has become a worrying recurrent decimal over the years.

We - all of us in government, political, religious leaders, traditional rulers and the entire Nigerian people, especially the elites- must work to find a lasting solution.

Situations like the crisis in Southern Kaduna while capable of provoking emotive reactions and potent for divisive rhetorics, call for the display of true leadership virtues from everyone of us. 

We should resist the temptations to succumb to divisive tendencies.


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