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Monday, 5 December 2016

Suya, Isi- Ewu, Kilishi Cause Premature Death – Health Minister

The Minister of health, Prof Isaac Adewole has said Suya, Isi- ewu, Kilisi and others are contributing to the cause of premature deaths in the country.

He disclosed this while delivering a keynote address at the First Annual Black Tie Gala event organised by the Tristate Heart Foundation (THF) noting that the unhealthy diet of Nigerians often lead to hypertension, which is the leading cardiovascular disease in Nigeria, resulting to stroke if untreated.

Adewole, noted that 1 in every 5 Nigerians is hypertensive and at risk of premature death. He said, “Sadly, there is widespread low consumption of proteins, fruits and vegetables and increasing patronage of fast food outlets by the population,”

“There is also large promotion of sweetened products such as carbonated drinks, pastries,
candies and other refined sugars, while excessive intake of salt is promoted by food additives such as monosodium glutamate common in delicacies such as suya, kilisi, isi-ewu, ngwo-ngwo, among others.”
Image result for Suya, Isi- ewu, Kilisi
He advised Nigerians to give up eating some of their favorite traditional meat-based meals for the sake of their health with emphasis on Suya, Isi ewu, Ngwo Ngwo, Kilisi and others.

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