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Friday, 18 November 2016

Retailers Ditch Ivanka Trump's Merchandise As Calls For Boycott Grows

A campaign targeted at Ivanka Trump tagged GrabYourWallet began last month over her support for her father following what they regard as his sexist comments against women. The campaign which was initiated by Shannon Coulter appears to be gathering steam in the wake of Trump's victory. Shoes.com, a Canadian online shoe store, became the first retailer to announce it was dropping Ivanka Trump's shoe line last week.
'We understand and your voices have been heard. We have removed the products from our website,' Shoes.com tweeted on November 12.
'We want to support our customers and make sure than can continue to stand tall.'
Companies refusing to join the movement and dump Trump have also been boycotted.
It also appears that interior decor store Bellacor has also dropped Ivanka products.

Coulter tweeted that the furniture and interior store had quietly removed all of its Trump products after the company was added to the boycott list. Not all companies have been swayed though.
Earlier this month Nordstrom responded, saying it has no plans to pull the brand and they will continue to allow customers 'choices about what they purchase based on personal views.'
'We hope that offering a vendor's products isn't misunderstood as us taking a political position; we're not. We recognize,' a spokesman added in a tweet. 
According to Forbes, Trumps retail collaborations have suffered since he announced his candidacy while Ivanka's clothing line which had a sales revenue exceeding 100million last year, is growing.

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