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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Photos: Pretty Morolake Akinosun Planned Big 5 Years Ago And It Has Happened

Lack of patience has denied many their right "place" in life. You want something good and it must happen now, you can't wait, others are having it now so you must have it now too. Take it easy!

At the age of 17, this young lady was able to set a 5-year goal for herself and in 5 years it eventually happened as she had planned. She was focused and hardworking all the way...
She said: "At the time I tweeted that out, it was more of a dream and an aspiration. I wasn't on the level yet and I didn't know for sure that I would every get there, but I for sure wanted to get there."

Patience is a virtue we all need. Congrats to Morolake!

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