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Friday, 11 November 2016

Photos: Oshiomhole Presides Over His Last Executive Council Meeting As Governor

Governor Adams Oshiomhole presided over his last State Executive Council session as Governor of Edo State and commended members of the Council for their steadfastness, commitment, industry and resourcefulness, which contributed to the success of his administration.

Speaking at the valedictory exco session at the Government House in Benin City on Wednesday, he said, “Let me thank each and every one of you for what God has used you to do for our people, for our great state. Let me say publicly that I do believe the evidence is there, that members of this state executive council are the least paid and work the hardest compared to any other state that I know of.

"I also know that we have had to work long hours. I recall a meeting we had, starting at 9.00am, no adjournment and staying all the way to 7.00 am the following day. No break, no adjournment. 

"We all agreed that we would do that and we would not adjourn until we had addressed the issue of the viability of this state so that we can deliver on our promises.”

Governor Oshiomhole continued, "I want to thank all of you. May God bless you; may God reward you. And we must have a sense of collective ownership of everything that happened while we were here. I want to apologise to those I harassed, and there is hardly anyone I didn’t, but it can be both ways. I wanted everything to be perfect. The harder I strived towards perfection, the more I realise that it can’t be, and I am still striving. I was always afraid to fail; it has been in nature. I didn’t design it. Thank you for tolerating a lot of that and for appreciating that nothing was personal.
“I am proud of each and every one of you, and as Odubu said, let’s see ourselves as members of a particular class, like you have members of an alumni association, you have a particular class. May God preserve this class, and may the membership of this class continue to advance.”

Oshiomhole said, “With Godwin, I think one of us is taking over. We have a sense that the man who chaired our economic team with whom we had debates is going to continue. My prayer is that he will avoid our own mistakes and build on our strengths and that the economic environment will be sufficiently enabling to enable him to do all of the good things I know he has in his heart, because what brought us together was the Edo project. 

"I know he has passion; he has a commitment; he has the energy and he has the honesty of purpose, and above all, he has the competence. What he will need from us is the prayer for God to enable him to do so well that this club of which he was a member, he will be an example of how members of this club are performing and growing from strength to strength. Thank you so very much.”

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