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Thursday, 3 November 2016

LMAO! How Lawyer Representing Saraki 'Bribe' A Judge

Image result for Lawyer Representing Saraki 'Bribe' A Judge
Burial is the new cover 'corrupt' Lawyers are now using to bribe 'corrupt' Judges. Just imagine this:
According to EFCC investigators, Paul Usoro SAN who’s Attorney to Senate President Bukola Saraki bribed a judge five times, but he explained that he merely supported the judge during family burials. 
So, how did it happen? 
Here's how SR captured it: "In his first time, he claimed to have “helped” the judge for his father’s burial. For the 2nd financial assistance, he claimed it was the judge’s mother’s burial. 
The 3rd he said it was to assist the judge bury his mother in-law. A 4th financial assistance, he also claimed was for the funeral of the judge’s father in-law. 
When asked why he gave him money a 5th time, he said it was “gift” in anticipation of any future funerals in the judge’s family!" 
As in...My Lord take this money, use it for burial whenever another person dies in your family? Lol!

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