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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Instagram Now Notifies Other User When You Screen Shot

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Last week, Instagram, as part of its update, launched a live video, as well as a feature which allow you to send disappearing photos and videos privately.

Instagram spokeperson said, ‘Now, with ephemeral photos and videos for group and 1:1 conversations, we’re giving the community even more control over their private sharing,’
In a report, the app makers explain that other users will be notified if a screen shot is taken of one of the new disappearing messages.

Meaning, when you screenshot a private disappearing photo somebody sends you to show all your friends, be rest assured that the sender will very much be able to see you’ve taken a screenshot of their picture.

However this feature only applies to the private disappearing photos function, and doesn’t
appear to send notifications when users screenshot Instagram stories or normal Instagram pictures.

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