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Monday, 21 November 2016

Indimi Threatens To Disown Daughter, Rahama Over Her Marital Feud With Mohammed Babangida

Rahama Indimi
The drama and shenanigans being deployed by Rahama Babangida (nee Indimi), the estranged wife of Mohammed Babangida, first son of former military president Gen Ibrahim Babangida(rtd) to whip up sentiments and public sympathy in the messy battle she is wagging against her formet husband over the custody of their four children, seems to be earning her more opprobrium than she anticipated.

It will be recalled that a court had granted Mohammed Babangida the custody of the children but all efforts by court officials, accompanied by the police to execute a valid court order have been met with dramatic resistance from Rahama, who consistently uses social media propaganda to whip up sentiments that Mohammed wants to use his influence as a son of former Military President to unjustly maltreat her.

Lately, Rahama has reportedly asked her lawyer to write a petition to the Inspector General
of Police and President Muhammadu Buhari, alleging threat to her life by Mohammed.
Meanwhile, family sources disclosed to us that Rahama’s father, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, the owner of Oriental Energy  is angered by all the antics of his daughter and has wash his hands of her matter.
”Alhaji Indimi has directed Rahama to release the children to their father, who has the capacity to raise them well, but she stubbornly refused to listen to her dad. The man felt disgraced by the attitude of the daughter, saying that she has destroyed an age long relationship he had built over the years with the Babangidas. On account of this, Alhaji Indimi has practically disowned her.” Our source revealed.

The source further reminded that Alhaji Indimi is particularly bitter with the quantum of lies Rahama is spewing against Mohammed in this unwarranted feud.
”I want to remind you once again that it was Ibrahim Babangida (Mohammed’s father) that gave Indimi the break that catapulted him into the league of billionaires in the country when the former was the military President.
Image result for Rahama Babangida
So, it is painful to him that it’s his own daughter that is now maligning the Babangida’s because of marital issues.
Meanwhile, sources disclosed that the police might arrest Rahama any moment from now for obstructing them from carrying a court order of retrieving the children for their father.

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