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Friday, 4 November 2016

How Uthman Dan Fodio Stood Against Corruption - VP Osinbajo

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, waxed historical yesterday as he drew from the recorded words of Uthman Dan Fodiyo, the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate on the need for leaders to stand firm against extremism, injustice and corruption in the country.

Speaking in Sokoto at the 10-year commemoration symposium for the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar’s (III) ascension to the throne, Prof. Osinbajo recalled the legacy of Dan Fodiyo, stressing that he acknowledged that a leader has the responsibility not to be corrupt and also to look after the well-being of his people.

”He wrote and I quote ‘when you find a man who has the tendency to steal, he is in same class as a monkey ", according to the Vice President at the event attended by the Sokoto
State Governor Aminu Tambuwal, the Emir of Kano, His Highness Muhammad Sanusi among several other dignataries.

Vice President Osinbajo traced the legacies of past Sultans, their contributions towards promoting justice, jurisprudence and overall development of the society and noted that it was gratifying that Sultan Sa'ad Abubakar, the 20th Sultan took after his forebears.

He noted that his reign has been remarkable given the myriad of challenges which the country has been facing since he ascended the throne, observing that the Sultan is in good standing both with his people and Nigerians.

"You have led by a string values and you have worked hard to break parochial barriers. You have developed deep friendship with leaders such as Cardinal Onayiekan, Bishop Mathew Kukah, Christian leaders and leaders of all faiths locally and internationally", Prof. Osinbajo declared.

He congratulated the Sultan for the milestone recorded in the last decade and praised the Sultan for "your extended great kindness and generosity to so many, regardless of status, recognising common humanity and frailties of all".

Before declaring the symposium open, Vice President Osinbajo prayed for continuing strength, good health, wisdom and long life for the Sultan.

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