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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Don’t You Think You Are A Bit Too Ambitious For A Woman?

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On this beautiful day, during one of my numerous trips for ministration some time back, I meet this young Christian male minister who I am going to call in this story Dennis. Dennis was a very promising young man with some strange ideologies that I have come to discover most people still have today, hence this story. Enjoy the read!

Dennis, hello young lady
Me, hello sir
Dennis, you must be Dr. Bien Sufficient
Me, oh yes I am, with a big smile on my face and who are you?
Dennis, “I am so and so…….”
Me, nice to meet you
Dennis, the pleasure is mine. I have read a lot of your write ups, I have read your book, I follow all your post on social media and I must say I greatly love your line of thought.
Me, Wow! That’s great!! Thank you sir!!!
Dennis, I have always looked forward to the day I will meet you in person, thank God fate
has made our parts cross today.
Me, smiles oh really? Then be my guest. I am on my way to get my lunch.
Dennis, can I join you
Me, oh sure that will be great.
Needless to bore you with the details of all our pleasantries. He told me about himself, what he wants to do, his vision and all that, why I patiently listened to him, giving him all the affirmations he needed. At the end of his long narrations, he finally ended with; tell me about you. What are your visions and life goals? Interesting I said smiling, then I told him about my visions and life goals. What I am doing at the moment and what I will be doing in the near future.
Then he goes, don’t you think you are a bit too ambitious for a woman? I was shocked and looked at him in amazement, and then I bursted into laughter. No jokes, I was not pleased by that question, but I decided to laugh instead of doing the opposite.
He was not comfortable with my laughter and I said I’m sorry about that, but your question is strange to me and at the same time funny. (In my thoughts, I was saying to myself, I can’t believe in this 21st century people still think this way, especially coming from a Christian minister, though I didn’t tell him that). What is funny about my question he asked? Ok let me paraphrase my question, are you a feminist? Still perplexed, I asked him, what has feminism got to do with my life goals and visions? Well since you have asked the question I will answer you.
Firstly, the word feminism does not exist in my dictionary. I am not a feminist. I am a human being as such, I am a spirit which has a soul and lives in a body. So as a human, I am firstly a spirit, with a soul living in a house called body. The body is not me, but rather where I live. It will be improper to say your house address is you, don’t you think so? The same way it is improper to define me or anyone else by their address (I mean their body)
So if there is no male spirit or female spirit, if there is no male Holy Spirit and female Holy Spirit, it means the two people are the same without any difference spiritually. The only difference is that they live in different type of houses. One lives in a female house (body), the other lives in a male house (body).
Having said that, don’t you think it will be totally wrong to put a limit on one spirit (human being) from the other just because of the type of house (body) they live in? I suffer you not to answer that question; I guess you already know what the answer is, I said.
Finally, I am a woman, I love being a woman, I so much treasure this house (body) that God has placed my spirit man in. That is what qualifies me to be called a woman and I love every bit of my life as a woman.
I do not see the house (body) I live in as a limitation to achieving any goals in life. Whatsoever I set my heart to do I can do it. “For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”; but I am first a spirit (human being) before I am a woman.
Please sir, I will appreciate if you do not say such words to any woman again, or ask such questions. I think it is improper to think in that light. “Don’t you think you are a bit too ambitious for a woman” Really?
You should be encouraging women to be their best as a leader not to put some kind of limitations on them. Stop teaching ladies to feel inferior to men or to be at the mercies of men, thereby ruining their God given purposes.
And he said in response, oh I am sorry I never saw it that way. No problem I replied, I’m glad you asked the question, now you know better. It was nice meeting you and I really enjoyed your company, thank you he replied and we parted ways.
To you my dear ladies and women generally, please and please don’t ever allow yourself to be talked down or belittled because you are a woman. You are not less than any human being, you can be and do whatsoever you set your hearts to do and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
You are special to God, specially designed for a specific purpose on earth. Discover it; pursue it until you achieve it. That is the whole essence of life.
Don’t let anyone cajole you into believing that there is something you cannot do because you are a woman or that there should be a limit to your vision and goals in life simply because you are a woman.
“For there is neither male no female in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:27.
Be Bold! Be Strong!! Be Purposeful!!!
Develop yourself, know your worth, build yourself esteem and be confident. Above all, build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit lead you in everything you do. There is no greater teacher, friend, partner, director, instructor and leader than the Holy Spirit. With Him you can do all things. I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST!!!
Thumbs up to all the women and the men that encourage them to be their best in life!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  Special thanks to my lovely father, the very first person that taught me what it means to be a woman while growing up. I LOVE YOU DEARLY DADDY AND I WILL ALWAYS DO!!!

By Dr. Bien Sufficient

Dr. Bien Sufficient is a Medical Doctor, Pastor, Writer and a Public Speaker.President @Kingdom Lifestyle Movement.


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