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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

UNILAG Expels 125 Students, Rusticates 198 Others

Authorities of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) have expelled 125 students, rusticated 198 others for various offences, including examination malpractices during last academic session.

The institution’s Deputy Registrar (Information), Mr Toyin Adebule, confirmed the expulsion.

Adebule told NAN that the university “will soon publish and display the names and photographs of the students in the media."
The lists of the affected students are already on the university’s website.

He said the action was in line with the university’s zero tolerance on malpractices and other vices.

“Yes we have published some names on our website and these students will be punished in various degrees, depending on the severity. Last session, a number of students were caught in various forms of malpractices during their examinations.

“Some were found cheating during the examination with “micro sheets” while others were hired as surrogates to write papers for others.

“Others were caught smoking weeds (Marijuana) right in their halls of residence by their colleagues and reported to the university authorities.

“For those who were caught impersonating, writing examinations for others, they will face outright expulsion,’’ Adebule told NAN.

He said the other categories of students, such as those caught with micro sheets and the smokers, would face suspension ranging from two to four semesters.

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