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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Daughter Was Pregnant When She Was Abducted... Father Of Chibok Girl Opens Up

It was a scene that brought tears to the eyes of all present as the 21 freed Chibok girls were reunited with their parents in Abuja. The Bible-clutching girls danced and sang with joy during the service attended by top government officials and a few other guests.

The event got to its high pitch as parents arrived at the venue while the service was ongoing. It was their first meeting after two and a half years of separation.

The excited girls ran, crying to parents who were equally so excited to see them. The parents hugged and carried them up in excitement.

The father of Deborah Jafaru explained how his daughter was taken and how grateful he was.

He said: 
“Unlike the others, Deborah had already finished her secondary school; she did not make her papers and returned to rewrite her WASCE when she was taken.
“She just got married 2 weeks before returning for her papers and they took her, her husband has remarried now. They abducted her with pregnancy and she had my grandchild there but I’m just grateful to God and the government for returning my daughter and grandchild to me safely. Words cannot describe how I feel at the moment.”
Deborah is the only one among the girls who returned with a baby.

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