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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Buhari Orders Probe His Wife's Family

Indications are that the troubles bedeviling Nigeria's first family maybe far from over judging by the demeanor of the President and the body language instruction dished out to the anti-graft agencies.

A highly reliable source stated that the EFCC has opened a comprehensive probe on the person of the 1st lady over her interaction with many lobbyists trying to reach President Buhari for favor.

We were not able to confirm these developments as most of those contacted were not ready to speak about the "sensitive" issue. But according to 247 Ureports, source revealed that the relationship between the 1st lady and Mr President had so much deteriorated to a near none existent just within days after the swearing-in of Buhari as President of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Chief on the top reasons why the President turned away from the 1st lady was her desire to play the role of the 1st lady in the manner other 1st ladies had played.

Aisha Buhari wanted to have the type of influence over her husband as the other 1st ladies before her. She wants to influence who is appointed to certain sensitive positions in the administration, and to effectively control certain aspect of the government. 

The source adds that she had already become a lobbyist of some sort. 

Buhari got to know about this and blocked her out of his daily activities.

According to a source, Buhari was not comfortable with the tale from associates concerning Aisha’s mingling with politicians and businessmen who were interested in meeting with the President. For this reason, the President decided on avoiding communication with his wife, the 1st lady.

“She is from a different generation from Buhari and she has little personal relationship with her husband to enable her relate her [money] concerns to him," the source added.

Buhari’s realization of Aisha’s brother, Musa’s interference in his government was one of the initial problems that greeted the President. Aisha’s brother had begun reaching to individuals seeking to do business with the Buhari’s administration – immediately Buhari won the presidential elections.

Reports have it that he raised Millions within a span of six month following the presidential elections. The President was not happy with Musa. He directed for Musa to be bundled out of the Presidential villa and banished from Aso Rock.

According to 247 Ureports, Mr President has given the chairman of the EFCC the go ahead to probe any of his wife's family member who is using his government to make money and take action. 

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