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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bill 'Rape' Protesters Interrupt President Obama But He Heckles Them Back

US President Obama got heckled by a couple of Bill Clinton 'rape' protesters as he addressed a crowd at the White Oak Amphitheater in Greensboro, North Carolina, by two young people wearing 'Bill Clinton Rapist' t-shirts. The president appeared to find the whole thing funny, pausing at length while Secret Service kicked them out. He said:
'You know, this is the great thing about politics in America, it takes all kinds,' he laughed. 'Folks will just do all kinds of stuff. Now where was I?'
But the heckling didn't stop there as the protesters kept interrupting him so he tried again.
'You know, say, those are some folks who – they were auditioning for a reality show,'
When another protester interrupted him, he shushed the audience's negative reaction and said:
'You know what, this is our democracy at work this is great,' Obama said.  'What have I said?' 'Don't boo.' 'Vote!'  'Don't boo,' Obama said. 'Vote!' the crowd replied.
He continued talking about his presidency:
'Our lease was only for eight years,' the president said.
'We're already looking around making sure we haven't broken any of the china,' he said. 'Sunny hasn't ruined any of the carpets,' he continued, referencing the first family's Dog.

Daily Mail 

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