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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rich Manchester United Tells Players Not To Give Away Jerseys To Save Money

Manchester United is one of the five most valuable sports teams in the world, but don’t think for a second they don’t count their pennies.

According to the Sun, United’s players have allegedly been asked to stop swapping shirts after games in an effort to help the club save money.

You read that correctly. A club that is worth about £2 billion, broke the world transfer record on Paul Pogba this summer, and stands to make £75 million per year from their kit deal with adidas alone, is now too frugal to allow its players to give away £100 shirts.

A United source told the Sun that players have been told giving away shirts is “not cost effective,” and are being discouraged from handing them out to fans as well as opponents.

“They are asked not to swap shirts so they don’t have to be replaced. It seems daft given how much the club is worth,” the source revealed.

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