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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rich Kids Of London Gets Instagram Agog As One Flushes Rolex Down The Toilet, Another Uses Gadgets To Level Seat

Oh dear! The Rich Kids of London have taken boasting to the next level people! Hehehe

The insanely-pampered youngsters are always sharing posts of their five-star holidays, designer wardrobes and posh pads. But their latest batch of smug photographs are jaw-dropping even by their standards.

One billionaire’s 'brat' shared a snap on the Instagram page Rich Kids Of London with two bottles of eye-wateringly expensive champagne, alongside the caption: “Went to buy milk, came home with this.” The picture has received over 1,300 likes with users telling him to “shut up” and that the Instagram account just makes them “angry” (aww so unfortunate).

The spoilt 20-somethings have also courted controversy with their outrageous antics, which includes ridiculing “peasants”.

One privileged youngster was slammed after revealing he used champagne as a door stop.

Meanwhile, another lavished girl was called “ridiculous” after sharing a picture of herself eyeing up a shiny red Ferrari in a car showroom.

The image was titled: “Shopping with daddy”.

Photos below;

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