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Monday, 5 September 2016

Photos: Online Trolls Force Footballer Emenike To Get A Bigger Ring For His Fiancée

It is sad that people can no longer chose to live a simple life all because you are on social media and everyone wants to have a say about how you run your family. This guy is rich, it's not like he doesn't have the money, if he decides to buy a simple RING to propose to his woman, so be it.

But no way, some I-too-know folks on social media believe the first ring is "too small".

One can't really blame those who took it upon themselves to tell him the category of ring to buy for his woman, but he and his woman who chose to listen to such misguided talks.

No wonder divorce is rampant today. Marriage has become a contest for material things. Who wears the biggest ring, has the biggest car, dresses in the most expensive clothes. 

Smh! *"Show off is the recipe of poverty"_ Mark Zukerberg

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