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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Obama, Prince Charles, Pope Francis, Other World Leaders To Attend Shimon Peres’ Burial On Friday

World figures including US President Barack Obama, Prince Charles and Pope Francis, are expected to attend the funeral of former Isreali President, Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Friday,
Shimon Peres, who served twice as Israel’s prime minister and once as president, has died at the age of 93.
Mr Peres suffered a stroke two weeks ago. His condition had improved before a sudden deterioration on Tuesday.
His son Chemi led tributes to “one of the founding fathers of the state of Israel” who “worked tirelessly” for it.
Mr Peres was one of the last of a generation of Israeli politicians present at the new nation’s birth in 1948.
He won the Nobel Peace prize in 1994 for his role negotiating peace accords with the Palestinians a year earlier.
He once said the Palestinians were Israel’s “closest neighbours” and might become its “closest friends”.

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