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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nigerian Man Who Swallowed 46 Pellets Of Cocaine Before Flight From Brussels To Malta Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

Image result for Eddy Favour Imeh was arrested in August 2013 swallowed 46 COCAINE capsules
Eddy Favour Imeh was arrested in August 2013 after it was discovered that he swallowed 46 capsules of the drugs before boarding his flight from Brussels. The Nigerian was charged with conspiring to traffic cocaine and with aggravated possession of the drug, for the purposes of Delete repeated word.

Imeh had conspired with persons abroad, agreeing to act as a drug mule by carrying a large quantity of cocaine on his person. The drugs were to be delivered to another individual in Malta upon arrival. The accused was to receive more precise instructions after his arrival.

The court was told that the accused had been promised €36 for each capsule he swallowed, and had intended to swallow 100. However, he only managed to ingest 46. Upon his arrival at Malta International Airport, authorities had searched the accused. The capsules were detected in the accused's digestive system after an X-Ray was performed.

Imeh pleaded guilty to the charges before Judge Antonio Mizzi, who presided over the case and admitted that the cocaine had been intended for sale. He was fined €5,000.

The court ordered the accused to pay the fine within 15 days, warning that a failure to comply would mean the fine would be converted into a longer prison sentence.

Malta Independent

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