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Friday, 9 September 2016

Jobless Black Man With 8 Children Is Angry That Council Gave Him Only 5 Bedroom House

You no get job, you just dey fire dey born and you went to another man country to be claiming right. Is this man alright at all? *Laughs*

Are they (he and his wife) serious? That is the question The Sun UK asked. The man and his wife say what they need from council is a free 6-double-bedrooms for them and their eight children.

Trust Oyinbo people in UK. They have lambasted him, some saying he should go back to Africa and tell his government to provide him with even a free one-bedroom flat and see what he'll get.

Photos have emerged of one of the council houses turned down by the migrant family-of-10 because it was too small – and “didn’t even have a dining room”.

Cameroon-born Arnold Mballe Sube, 33, came to Britain with his wife Jeanne and their 7 children four years ago because the NHS agreed to fund a £27,000 degree for him.

The dad-of-eight has since bagged £108,000 hand-outs in a year. The family, since boosted by the arrival of a three-month-old daughter, now live in a four-bed house, kitted out with big flatscreen tellies, games devices and a Sky HD box.

But Arnold, whose family ran up a £21,000 bill for food when the council put them in a hotel for four months, wants out of “the worst place they have ever lived.” Lol!

He is furious at only being offered a five-bedroom property. He said: “There wasn’t space for the things of ten people. It didn’t even have a dining room.”

Arnold, who uses one bedroom as a gym/office, said: “Me and my family have been neglected. We are living in a three-bedroom house and there’s not enough room for us.

“It’s so cramped and the conditions are terrible. My children are starting school and we can’t stay here any longer. The council is trying to make things hard for us. My wife is a full-time mother and I am a student. They’re just making excuses.
“We need a five or six-bedroom house with double rooms to comfortably fit our family.”
Arnold moved to France at 18 and started a family with Jeanne, both from Cameroon. He wanted to study psychiatric nursing but failed to find a suitable course so moved to Britain with seven children.

The NHS funded the annual £9,000 cost of his three-year degree at the University of Bedfordshire while they were housed in a five-bed council property in Luton.

They were evicted when the landlord decided to sell. So the council booked them into two rooms at the town’s £160-per-night Hampton by Hilton hotel for four months at a cost of £38,400.

When Arnold refused to pay the extra £21,000 room service and restaurant bill run up by the family, the council coughed for that too.

Arnold said: “We couldn’t cook. Children were eating on the carpet. We were ordering room service, chicken and chips, Chinese food. We had to order it twice per day for all the kids and all the family.

“The council said I had to pay a bill for living in the hotel. That was very traumatising because we didn’t ask for them to put us there.”
The couple were then moved into a four-bed house in Bletchley, Bucks, but complained because it is too small, especially with the arrival of their last daughter Mary, now three months.

Arnold and Jeanne, 33, both have smartphones, a laptop, with a 60 inch flat screen TV and Sky HD box in their front room, plus a 52 inch telly in their bedroom.

Their children — Mejane, 16, Fabian, 13, Analia, 13, Prosper, 10, Dylan, 9, 6-year-old twins Sharon and Stacy, and baby Mary — also have a TV and an Xbox with dozens of games.

The family have received annual hand-outs worth £44,000 since their arrival.

It is made up of housing and child benefits, as well as child tax credits and Arnold’s NHS course payments.

But their hotel stay has pushed that total to £108,000 in the last 12 months.

Yet unhappy Arnold, who was offered a five-bed property last month, said: “We are entitled to six bedrooms. I believe that the council has to support me in order for me to become a positive person and contribute to the tax system.”

UK citizens react
A neighbour said last night: “They’ve got some cheek. I’d bite the council’s hand off if they offered me a five-bed house. They’re too fussy and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.”

Another said: “I think it’s a disgrace. There are people out on the streets in the city centre and ex- soldiers with nowhere to live. It is a struggle but don’t go on and moan about it.”

Councillor Tom Shaw, responsible for housing at Luton Borough Council, said: “We have managed to find them a large four-bed house and then a five-bed which they turned down.

“We can’t be any more sympathetic. We can’t just magic property that people want out of thin air.”

Antonio Lambis said, "Send them back to their f@cking country. That is the right thing to do. Oh and by the way, I am a UK taxpayer."

- Arnold should count himself lucky that he's in a country where there is a thing called 'government'.

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