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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pastor Paul Denies Being Quoted As Saying That Nigeria’s Economy Is In Prison Under Buhari

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The House On The Rock Church has denied a recent report, which quoted its Senior Pastor, Pastor Adefarasin as saying that the nation’s economy was in prison under the current administration.

The pastor in a statement issued on Monday said the media quoted him out of context, noting that he had no reason to mock the country’s present state, adding that the transformation of Nigeria remained his earnests prayers.

His statement reads in full;

A national newspaper in its edition of 23rd of July 2016, wrongly credited Pastor Paul
Adefarasin with a statement about the Nigerian economy being in prison.

Pastor Adefarasin’s only reference to the economy is quoted here: “If you believe that Nigeria will prosper again, that not only will our oil wells boom once more but that our economy and industry will diversify to express the diverse talent in the heart and in the bossom of several Nigerians north and south, east and west, I want you to shout your biggest amen.

“He did not say the Nigerian Economy was in prison as reported by the newspaper and some of the online blogs have since carried the story.”