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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Oh Dear! This Man Killed His Girlfriend, Logs Into Her Facebook And Explained Why

What on earth gives people the mind to kill their fellow human being? Sigh! A man named Leonzo Bufford murdered his girlfriend, a 40 year old lady named Keisha Betton (both pictured above) by shooting her in the head. This shocking inident occurred in Elyria, Ohio, outside of Cleveland.

After killing her, Lorenzo logged into her Facebook and explained why he did it. He later engaged in a shoot-out with police and killed himself.
He later wrote “I’m done being lied to, that’s why it happen (sic).” When someone in the comments on the post suggested Bufford kill himself, he wrote, “I will.”
He believe the lady was cheating on him. But is that enough to kill someone and take your own life... Why not just go away in peace and get yourself someone who is decent?

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