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Monday, 8 August 2016

Gosple Musician Kirk Franklin Takes His Marriage Journey Down Memory Lane...

kirkfranklin: Twenty years ago me and Tammy (bad grammar) had the worst fight at this
very spot. Married for just a couple of months we had a fight right here as soon as we landed. Being the hot headed fool I was, I bought her a plane ticket and told her to go back home while I headed to my performance... Such a fool. It hurt her, like it should have....to be so easily sent away. See, I was a runner when I was younger, I'd push you away out of fear of you leaving on your own. Tammy tolerated way more than she should have. I sat in that airport and cried like baby, delaying the concert. Such a punk.. Pushing my woman away. I begged her to forgive me..thank God she did. NEVER did that again, and now look at us! A patient (not foolish) woman can change a man's narrative. Give him a chance or two to grow up, but don't make a sequel out of it. Glad that scene of the movie is over!️

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