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Monday, 22 August 2016

Goodluck Jonathan: I Didn’t Know There Was Much Corruption In My Administration

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When a good man is surrounded by many hungry Nigerians who see their offices as opportunity to go in and chop rather than serve the interest of the Nation, things often turn out this way.

In a recent meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in the Villa, sources say Goodluck Jonathan, who's Nigeria's immediate past president, was shocked beyond words when strong facts were tabled before him about how corruption reigned supreme under his leadership.

Those close to both parties say it is not likely that Jonathan would face prosecution, as an ex-leader of the country. But all those who used the opportunity of his "softness" to loot Nigeria's treasury will sure have their self to blame as the Buhari-led federal government is not ready to let go.

A source told us that the government is set to go after the big boys who were thought to be untouchable before. They are being asked to return looted Billions or be ready for trouble.

This is one of the reasons some of the big boys could not pay back the loans they took from banks as they are said to be trying to refund huge sums traced to them so as to "avoid Buhari trouble".

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