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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Former Gov. Ikedi Ohakim Explains Why He Quit Politics.

In everything I've ever done for the people of Imo State, I did and still doing for our collective good. Even when I was lied against, I still never and will never bear any evil against the people of Imo State. 

My desire is for a home I and my children can confidently call our own. My decision to quit partisan politics for now and focus more on mentoring our youths is in line with this desire.

As Governor I had to take some very tough decisions many of which were important. I may have stepped on one or two toes and even though you didn't understand me then, I know many now understand me now. For the few who still believe I have wronged them, I sincerely apologize. I never meant anybody in Imo to suffer and did my best to avoid it.

I believe the future has a lot for all if us. In a short while, we will have the opportunity to either build a tomorrow we can be proud of or condemn our dear Imo forever. It lies in your hands to stand up and make that decision. 

Our future and that of our future generations are in your hands. Let's hand Imo State back into the hands of God.

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