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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Photos: US Entrepreneur Builds $1Billion Bunker That Will Save Only 34 Super Rich Families When The World Ends

When the end of the world comes, even wealthy people will not be spared. Unless, of course, they've managed to buy themselves a spot in this massive underground apocalypse bunker.

The super rich have been invited to buy up a place in a five star shelter in Rothenstein, Germany, which is designed to allow them to live underground for a year and then emerge "when the world comes to an end''

Just 34 "high worth" families will be welcomed into the European doomsday den, with prices only available on application.

The sumptuous $1billion building is fitted with swimming pools, gyms and theatres so the rich don't get too bored whilst the rest of us are all busy killing or being killed.

The building was originally a Soviet-era Cold War base but now offer the perfect balance
between luxury and safety. Its owner wrote on their website:
"We have all heard the prophecies of the 'End Times', The Bible warns of it. Nostradamus foresaw it. Edgar Cayce predicted it. The Hopi Indians, the Third Secret of Fatima, Saint Malachy and prophets throughout the ages all warn of the same epic global catastrophes that will befall upon the Earth. 

We have been warned of Armageddon, Nibiru/Planet X, a sudden pole shift, future plagues, an EMP blast, a solar kill shot, a super volcanic eruption, major earth changes, killer asteroids and comets, mega tsunami’s, an economic meltdown and even the anarchy that will certainly follow any one of these events. Vivos is the most affordable way to secure ownership and space for you and your loved ones in a real underground shelter built to withstand virtually any envisioned catastrophe''.
The Vivos website also lists all the bizarre conspiracy theories wheeled out to suggest the world is about to end. They are now on a "race against time" to build a global network of underground community shelters to save more lives, comparing its mission to the construction of Noah's Ark.

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