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Saturday, 10 October 2015

End Of Terror As Blood Thirsty Mexican Female Cartel Lord, "La China" Sentence To Life

The police have put one of the most blood thirstiest and a sadist, Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda,31, popularly known as "La China" behind bars. She was apprehended at Los Cabos airport on her way to Culiacan in Sinaloa to hide in the mountain. The woman had rise through a male dominated business, and formed her own gang that consists of over 300 henchmen and also had killed more than 180 people.
La China was reported to the police by her lover, Pedro “El Chino” Gomez, who feared that La China would probably get rid of him someday and kill him, and moreover he had witnessed many killings of the lady and referred to her as a "monster." After the report, La China evaded arrest when Mexican special forces evaded her apartment in La Paz, leaving her wet clothes on the line and different assault rifle around the apartment.
La China who wanted to be as  the female gang lord Enedina Arellano Felix, 54 — known as
“La Jeffa”, or “the boss” — who heads the notorious Tijuana cartel could not achieve her aim because while the other female drug lords send out their foot soldier to carry out the death sentence and murder, La China who is keen on using the bullet carries out all executions herself.
   La China poses with two AK-47 in a Facebook photo
How It All Started
Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda started her career as drug/death sentence crime in 2005 when she was dating a member of the Damaso drug cartel, a cartel that is a unit of the Sinaloa cartel headed by the drug lord, El- Chapo, who escaped from Mexican Maximum prison through a tunnel in July.
Because of her fearless and ruthless behaviour, she rose quickly through the ranks in Sinaloa cartel, and was made the leader of the cartel special forces of Damaso Cartel. 
Her leadership of the Damaso cartel later ended after the former leader of the gang, El Grande, who was in jail, returned home, and requested that he get back his position. She was angry with the cartel asking her to return the leadership back to El Grande, moreover, La China first love was killed by this same man before he tutored her on how to kill for hire.
She angrily left the former cartel and decided to move on with her own establishment, and also declared war on the former bosses.
La China Cartel/Crime/Arrest/Prosecution
When La China left the Damaso Cartel, she decided to hire new henchmen to run her new drug circle, and told the members that the reason for the new cartel is  “kill and sell drugs”. She then imported different red Italian motorbikes to help the gangs move around town, and her boyfriend, Hector Pedro Camarena Gomez — known as El Chino — was her second-in-command.
One of La China trademark in killing her victims is using a young pretty girl in a short skirt, who will pretend as a drunk lady at a bar and needs help getting home, when the victim decided to help her and walk her out of the bar, La China will come out of hiding and kill the victim, yelling "A gift from La China".
She would place the organ of the dead victim on the doorstep of the family.
La China was an angry woman and always ready to use her gun when her finger is itchy, and even her closest henchman,El Tyson was not saved from raging La China.
                       El-Chino exposes La China because he fears he might be the next man in the graveyard
La China had been suspecting that her car is being followed by the cops, and would need to dump it for a new one. So, he talked to El Tyson to help get a van she could use to go around. So El Tyson contacted the parents of one of his close friends about buying their van, and they agreed to deliver the van at La China's compound, but when they got there, La China killed both parents.
El Tyson was furious and angry about the act and confronted La China about the killings, but she instead chopped off his hand, and later killed El Tyson.
She also decided to kill former members of Damaso cartel who had refused to join her new business, and while he decided to catch one of them, he was lucky to have ran, but La China captured his girlfriend, Lulu and tortured life of out of her.
This was the murder that makes her second in command and lover, El Chino, knows and confirms that, La China is a monster with a gun, and he might be dead any time she gets tired of him.
He went to the police and told them about the killing spree of his lover, La China, and also took them to a graveyard where the corpse of her victims were buried. El Tyson and Lulu corpse were found among five other corpse in that graveyard.
When La China knows that El Chino is singing like a canary bird to the cops, that was when she decided to flee town to a mountainous area, but was caught at the airport.
She is facing life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and also under constant watch, so she won't tunnel her way through like her boss, El Chapo.

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